Introductory Session

FREE OF CHARGE for every student new to the studio, regardless of their yoga practice or fitness level. During this session we will discuss the current state of your physical body, on-going injuries or other body limitations, as well as your goals and expectations from your yoga journey, such as increasing strength and flexibility, improving health, losing weight, etc. According to all of the above I will develop customized yoga practice plan for you, which might also include holistic healing therapy, weight loss program and nutritional counseling. Suggested length of this session is 90 minutes, which will allow plenty of time to address all your needs as well as to start learning the very basics of proper breathing.

Class Descriptions

Private Yoga Instruction With Olivera Bogdanovich-Flacco


Learn to quiet down your mind and channel your mental and emotional energy through a proper breathing. This class will prepare you for challenging moments in your life, whether they are related to your job, health, relationships, children or anything unexpected that might come your way. Some people choose to meditate on their own, but if you feel like you need some guidance in “staying calm in the middle of a hurricane”- you will greatly benefit from this class. 


If you sign up for multiple lessons per week, you can combine any of the above sessions that Haute Yoga offers. The price is based on the length of your session, not on a type of lessons you will be taking.
​If you need to economize, you are welcome to share your lesson time and the tuition with 2-3 other persons, as long as you understand that you will no longer have undivided attention.

Core Awareness

Build, expand and learn how to properly use your core - one of the weakest, tightest and the most misused parts of a human body, but yet the foundation of your safe yoga practice. During this session I will focus on core-strengthening yoga postures, as well as incorporate exercise ball and free weights to help you strengthen and stretch your core.

Yoga Flow

During this session we will build together customized flow, designed towards your own needs and desires, either for you to practice at home, on the road, or to simply prepare you for group classes. If you so choose, in this class you can also learn the basic principles of linking the poses and observing the difference between hot yoga and non-heated yoga flows, which will help you build the confidence of improvising or modifying your own flow, wherever you take your practice. 

Back to Basics (Formerly Yoga 101)

MY TEACHING SPECIALTY! This is a perfect lesson for beginners, folks with injuries, those who are recovering from illnesses or surgeries, as well as advanced yogis who would like to take their practice or just certain poses to a higher level. During this session we will “dissect” yoga poses, transitions between poses, breathing and physical alignment down to basic elements, to make sure you always use proper muscle groups and body weight distribution to support your joints in each pose and prevent any possible injuries that could happen in the fast-paced classes with flows. 

Poses are divided by groups, such as: resting postures, standing balancing poses, spinal strengthening series, twists, transitions, forward folds, back-bands … just to mention some. During each session I will address only one group of postures by guiding you which muscle groups you need to use to support particular joints, which will help you feel comfortable, stable and confident in each of these poses. In addition, I will explain a different approach to these postures in heated and non-heated yoga styles, which will prepare you and give you the confidence to try out any style of yoga – both traditional and modern.

​You will also learn how to modify certain poses towards your own needs, especially if you already have certain injuries or body limitations. Once you understand the principles of each pose or group of poses, you will be ready to learn self-adjustments. That way, when you take a yoga class in a group environment, you don’t have to look around to see what to do, or wait for instructor to come and adjust you - you will have the confidence to be in charge of your own body.