Meet Olivera

After co-founding and managing one of the most successful yoga studios in San Diego - Haute Yoga, Olivera decided to  dial back to basics and offer the quality of private instruction that seems to be forgotten in rivalry between ever-expanding yoga studios and new yoga styles.​  ​Read More 

Private Yoga Instruction With Olivera Bogdanovich-Flacco

        Private Instruction

New to Yoga

In private yoga instruction all of the teacher's attention is focused on one student, while she makes sure that student learns every pose with  proper alignment from the very beginning, which in the long run helps prevent injuries and keeps students more motivated and encouraged to do yoga.  Read More

If you would like to take yoga but you feel uncomfortable or intimidated to go to a group class with "all those flexible people", then you will greatly benefit from Olivera's private yoga instruction. Her specialty is working with yoga students by using her piano-teaching approach where you break down the melody by single measures and measures into individual beats. Such detailed approach to every yoga pose gives students great confidence on the mat and helps them experience deeper body awareness. Read More