Private Yoga Instruction With Olivera Bogdanovich-Flacco

Advantages of Private Yoga Instruction

If you are new to yoga, start by coming to a couple of sessions a week. Doctors and health practitioners suggest at least 3 yoga classes per week, in order to feel multiple benefits of this incredible union of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practice. The more and longer you practice, the sooner you will discover different layers of your personality, as you will learn how much more room there is to improve in all of these areas. At the very beginning, while you are learning what and how (not) to do in order to simply “survive” a class, you will experience mainly the physical aspect of yoga. As you get more comfortable with each pose, you will be able to turn inward and observe your mental and emotional state, which we very often neglect due to fast-paced lifestyles. Spiritual aspect of yoga comes quite spontaneously, when all previous aspects seem to be aligned. It is very individual and personal, and it can take a few months – even a few years – before you fully start experiencing this level of accomplishment.​​

Practicing yoga in a group environment can be very inspirational, as you share the energy with another 20, 30 or more yogis in the same room, all flowing in the same pace, just like in choreographed dancing. However, this kind of practice can be quite overwhelming for a beginner or for a person with certain injuries and body limitations, as instructors usually don’t have the time to address individual needs of each practitioner in a room. That’s why private instruction at the beginning of your yoga journey is very beneficial, as it gives you necessary wisdom to recognize your body’s needs on daily basis, knowing when it is a good time to challenge yourself beyond your limits and when is the time to take it easy.

Haute Yoga offers a Back To Basics session which introduces new students to basics of yoga poses, different types of breathing, proper alignment, safety in yoga, as well as yoga etiquette. This is a great lesson to begin with in order to feel comfortable and confident on your yoga mat. Once you have the basics down and know what (not) to do in certain poses in order to protect yourself from injuries, you can step into classes where poses flow from one to another and truly enjoy the experience of moving in the rhythm of your own breath.​