Private Yoga Instruction With Olivera Bogdanovich-Flacco

Being an active athlete for 40 years, Olivera has personally experienced numerous sport-related injuries. In her private yoga instruction she strives to educate her students how to properly use each muscle group of the body in order to either prevent injuries, or to protect, strengthen and heal already injured muscles and joints. With her background in  Vinyasa and Hot Yoga, she gives her students strong foundation and knowledge how to safely practice and embrace both heated and non-heated yoga. Her nurturing personality and gentle encouragement give her students great confidence on the mat, as well as the trust in the process of transformation that yoga practice brings. 
As a piano teacher and yoga instructor, Olivera enjoys watching each student’s journey from the overwhelmed beginner, to a self-confident yoga practitioner or a piano player. 
Olivera Bogdanovich-Flacco, co-founder of Haute Yoga, is not quite your typical yogi. Growing up as a competitive gymnast and swimmer in Eastern Europe, being an accomplished  piano teacher for 25 years and a mother of two, she definitely brings a different flavor to her yoga instruction. She has a light and humorous approach to a physical practice while demanding a discipline of movement to insure a proper and safe alignment. 

Meet Olivera